Princig plans for contests managers and cultural promoters

Evennial Directory

This product is ideal for small or educational contests, as it provides the main management tools in a shared one-stop-shop.

Evennial Directory (this website) is free forever, both for creators and for contests. We only ask you to include a backlink into your your website,

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Evennial Web

This is the perfect plan for contests that wish to have an exclusive, independent and personalized website, to replace its current site in wordpress by a professional and specialized website in the management of submissions. 

It also allows to have an updated website throughout the year where you can connect with your social followers, publish news and everything else related to your event.

Evennial Web is licensed for a yearly subscription of € 129 (VAT included).

It includes:

  • Personalized website with your logo (like this one)
  • Domain of your choice 1 year
  • Hosting 1 year with storage
  • Standard technical support
  • Social networks campaign (two posts) through our profiles
  • E-mail campaign (two posts) to our creators database

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Evennial Private Cloud

If you organize several competitions simultaneously, Evennial Private Cloud is your plan. Our software in the cloud will allow you, under a single portal with your own identity, to manage professionally all and all kinds of contests. This product is ideal for organizations dedicated to cultural management.

Ask us for a quote to manage all your competitions With Evennial Private Cloud.

Questions, inquiries?

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