How it works

Evennial allows authors and creators to submit their projects to competitive events, easily and for free.

Upload your works once and submit them to as many contests as you want.

Although Evennial provides these functions for free, some events may charge registration fees. This information is clearly reflected in each call.

It's free ;-)

Evennial is free for authors and creators, for ever, and it's full of features.

Manage all your creative work in one place

Evennial is an ideal tool to manage all your works in one place and then to share them.

Privacy of your work

Your work is only accessible to events that you submit to and can never be viewed by other. You can disable its access whenever you want. 

There is an exception to this rule: share your work datasheet or the entire work through a view/download link that you can enable and disable whenever you want.

Intelectual rights

Evennial is an intermediary between you and the events, this is why you always retain 100% of all rights to your intellectual property.

We do not store your works files

Evennial never stores your work files. To complete the submissions so that festivals can visualize your projects, you must provide a link to Vimeo, Youtube, Dropbox, etc. On these platforms you can also configure private access with private key.

Inependent plataform

Evennial is 100% an independent platform; we are not a distribution company. This is why we can warantee the neutrality of submissions. You submit your projects directly to events.

Track submission status

Receive submission status updates directly from the events you’ve submitted your work to.

Free support

Visit the help section under the user menu (you must be logged in to access); we are happy to talk to you about your necessities and projects. Write us through the chat box below or click here. We will be happy to chat with you.