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05/05/2018 - 30/06/2018

Director: Gregorio Evans.

El Indie Best Films Festival (Ibestff) ha sido fundado recientemente por un grupo de cineastas independientes de Santa Mónica (California) y la ciudad de Nueva York para cineastas independientes de todo el mundo.

Este primer año solo aceptaremos cortometrajes y video clips.

Este es un festival de competencia y reconocimiento del talento mas que un festival de eventos que recompensa a los cineastas con nuestro certificado digital.

Cada tres meses, elegiremos a los nominados y ganadores para dar más oportunidades a los cineastas y las películas. .

Cada 25 del ultimo mes de cada trimestre, daremos a conocer a los ganadores de la temporada.A medida que vayamos seleccionado, los nominados iran apreciendo en nuestra web, donde subiremos el trailer de su pieza.

4 temporadas por año

Primera temporada Enero-Febrero-Marzo

Segunda Temporada Abril-Mayo-Junio

Tercera Temporada Julo-Agosto-Septiembre

Cuarta Temporada Octubre-Noviembre-Diciembre


De manera opcional las peliculas ganadoras de cada trimestre pasaran a formar parte de nuestro catalogo privado, donde distribuidoras de cine asociadas a nuestro festival, tendran acceso privado y exclusivo para despertar su interes en distribuir las piezas ganadoras en plataformas importantes de video bajo demanda y otros. De esta manera el Ibestff servira de enlace entre cineasta y distribuidora final.

– “Best Indie Short Film” Laurel, and a Certificate

– “Best Ficction Short Film” Laurel, and a Certificate

– “Best Animated Short Film” Laurel, and a Certificate

– “Best Documentary Short Film” Laurel, and a Certificate

– “Best Experimental Short Film” Laurel, and a Certificate

– “Best Video Clip” Laurel, and a Certificate



– In this first year we only accept short films and music videos.

– Fiction films, animation, documentary and experimental of any genre and subject are welcome.

– The scope of the competition is international. An open competition with works of any country in the world produced from January 1st 2015 onwards.

– The festival accepts films in any language from around the world.

– All films in a foreign language (not English) must have subtitles in English.

– The content must be submitted by a creator/producer aged 18 or older.

– Multiple projects may be submitted for consideration provided that an additional submission fee is paid for each entry.

– We are an online competition. Our mission is to recognize the talent of the filmmakers with our laurels and certificates.

– Every three months, we choose nominees and winners so to give more opportunity to the filmmakers and the movies. 4 seasons per year.

– At the end of the year we will have a party with a screening of the 4 winning shorts (4 Seasons) that obtain the “Best Independent Short Film” award and also the 4 winning videos.

– This festival will be judged by award-winning filmmakers and industry experts.

– All winners will have laurels and a digital certificate sent to them in jpg file format. No physical certificates, medals, or trophies will be handed out in order to keep entry fees as affordable as possible.

– All submitters must submit their content to Ibestff through our festival registration platforms listed in the Film Submissions section of our website.

– After a film has been officially selected, the filmmaker will be notified. Official selection does not mean that the filmmaker’s film will be screened or awarded at the festival.

– All submission fees are non-refundable.

– The submitter must have obtained legal copyright to publicly screen their submitted content and all intellectual property contained therein including, but not limited to, music, lyrics, written work, photos, video content, artwork, and media excerpts. – By submitting your content, you represent that you have acquired all legal rights to publicly screen all content within your submission.

– The festival is not responsible for any copyright infringement of the filmmaker’s material.




– If your film has been officially selected, you agree to provide us with a poster or promotional images and/or stills, as well as a logline and/or synopsis, for promotional purposes.

– If your film has been officially selected, you agree that we are permitted to use excerpts from the film, up to a maximum of 30 seconds, worldwide, for promotional purposes.

– If a submitter’s content is selected, a Notice of Official Selection shall be emailed to the to the email address provided by the submitter in their registration form on the notification date.

– Announcements identifying the Official Selections will be posted online on the Ibestff website and social media channels.

– We do not return any materials submitted.





– “Best Indie Short Film” Laurel, and a Certificate

– “Best Video Clip” Laurel, and a Certificate


– “Best Ficction Short Film” Laurel, and a Certificate

– “Best Animated Short Film” Laurel, and a Certificate

– “Best Documentary Short Film” Laurel, and a Certificate

– “Best Experimental Short Film” Laurel, and a Certificate




We will not contact the owners of the best movies for the possibility of distribution with some of our partner.

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